Move to enterprise 2.0

Today, your employees are used to your existing IT solutions but they have reached a plateau of productivity. The common "enterprise 1.0" applications are totally exploited and you are in a phase of incremental innovations. Your favourite vendors provide updates of your IT solutions that improve their efficiency but do not bring you the breakthrough in technology your organization needs.

Classical it application are ERP and BI, structuring your organization

To gain in competiveness, it is the right time to move into new ways of working. Thanks to the web 2.0 technology, your organization can progressively integrate a range of new applications that will radically change how your employees learn, share and collaborate and/or how you communicate with your other stakeholders. With the right planning and approach, the end-users will adopt these powerful applications and increase their personal performance as well as your overall efficiency.

With the "enterprise 2.0" applications, you couple the controlling and organizing strengths of the "enterprise 1.0" applications with the innovative, flexible and collaborative solutions that suit your need for reactivity and adaptability. You will be much better armed in your increasingly challenging environment.

Intranet 2.0, wiki and blogs are examples of collaborative tools

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