Manage your migration

As your expectations grow over time, your current IT services become too limited. The vendors have released major improvements that increases efficiency/productivity and that better covers your business needs. Understanding the value added for your activities, you have decided to migrate your IT services.

You want to migrate your it solutions in a new version, but no one is really able to do that for you in your company

At this stage, we work with you. Together with you, our professional consultants help you to migrate and integrate new IT services. We:

  • Analyze your business objectives and your current IT solutions / infrastructure
  • Investigate issues with your existing IT services
  • Detail a plan to migrate your users with a minimum of disturbance
  • Train your employees to use their new tools
  • Migrate your IT services, minimizing downtimes
  • Transfer our knowledge to your IT department
it concultants from e-teq are solid it project manager, able to care your end-users with smooth it migration

Let's get together and discuss it, it will be our pleasure to advise you. You can either :