Archive & Share your documents

Your documents are critical to your activities. Nowadays, your people deal with very diverse sources of information, being electronic or otherwise. To enhance your employee performance, you look for answers to your strategic questions:

  • How to share our information among our employees
  • How to ensure diverse levels of confidentiality, related to roles and responsibilities
  • How to ensure that our shared information is valid and unique
  • What to do with all our paper-based information
Your documents are not efficiently share and archive without an ECM

At this stage, we can already work with you to move forward. Following your objectives and needs, we:

  • Identify all users, their groups, their roles and their responsibilities
  • Clarify your policies, your rules and your work logics
  • Clarify your document life cycles
  • Design your workflows to best suit your organization and your logics
  • Implement the IT services to leverage your coherent and solid information governance
  • Archive, automatically or byinteractive confirmation, your documents according to your logic as well as the legal rules and norms
Your employees share, search and archive your documents with an ECM

Let's get together and discuss it, it will be our pleasure to advise you. You can either :